Vektor Software provides software development, outsourcing and consulting services to clients worldwide. Our expertise and dedication has helped our clients to grow and support their business, reduce costs, increase revenue and streamline their software development efforts.

In addition to these services, we also develop and maintain our own products. In Vektor Software, we are strong supporters of open source, and most of our products are published under OSI approved licenses. We regularly use open source software in out day to day work, and this is our way of giving back to OSS community. For list of our products, please see this page.



Vektor Software developes range of commercial and open source products.  We offer development tools, entertainment products and web applications. For complete list and description, please see our Products page.


We offer different levels of software development, outsourcing and consulting services.  Whether you develop simple application or complex enterprise project, we can help with speeding up development and reducing time to market. Read more about our services.


We maintain a company blog with latest information, news and product updates. You can see all blog articles on this page.